Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cheap Trick: Invisible Earbud Case

When looking to reign in earphone cords, there are some pretty options to buy or make which will keep them from becoming a tangled mess. But a simple and free alternative is to just twist the cord up into a tangle-free knot.

It's a simple figure-eight pattern... Kinda like a simplified cleat hitch knot, if you're familiar with those.

This wrap keeps the cord tidy even if it's just tossed into a purse without a case of any sort.

Step one: Grasp the earbuds with the middle and ring fingers, sticking other fingers straight out. (The cord should be closer to the first finger, not the pinky.) This results in the sign language sign for "I Love You," but with the earbuds tucked into the palm.

Step two: Start by running the cord behind the first finger, and down. Then in front of the pinky finger, and back up. Repeat until there is only a tail of about 6" of cord.

Step three: Wrap the 6" tail around the middle of the figure-eight,
and tuck the jack into this middle wrap.

I love an easy and free solution!

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