Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2014!!

Once the frenzy of card-sending, gift-buying, wrapping, giving, party-planning, baking and travelling that is December has passed, the champagne toasting the New Year has been enjoyed, and the last fire work has exploded over Central Park, the city that never sleeps takes a day off and sleeps in.

On the very first day of each year, not a car or person can be found on most New York City streets all morning long. The city is peaceful and nearly silent. One is often woken up by the birds taking their turn to cheer in the New Year. It feels as though the whole city is one connected being sleeping off the late night, and it is one of my favorite annual New York moments.

The calm after the holiday storm affords us all a moment to think about what we want to improve in 2014. According to OnePoll, via Daily Mail, the top resolution this year is to save money by sorting out finances. It is no surprise that after a few economically difficult years, this has topped even the ever-present weight-loss goal, and there is no lack of advice out there on where to start.

Just like with a goal of loosing weight, starting strong is important, but follow-through is what will make every bit of difference between achieving the goal and falling short. With both, making small changes stick best for the long-haul, and, as with weight loss, if one takes a misstep, she must choose to keep going on the path she wants for her future.

It is suggested that one should focus on the positive parts of changing one's diet if she wants to stick with her goal long term: Focus on wanting to eat healthy foods instead of focusing on all the tasty things she "can't" have. I have found the same to be true with financial goals. So as we sit down to plan out the path we will take to make 2014 a year we can be proud of, it is important to not only plan concrete actions, but to also spend some time thinking about the specific positive things we will enjoy from our hard work.

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