Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Duane Reade vs. CVS

It's silly how happy cute tissues make me!
As most New Yorkers probably do, I often stop at Duane Reade when I need items like tissues or contact solution. It's partly out of laziness (there are so many, that there's always one nearby!), partly because certain brands will reliably be there, and partly because some prices are better than at smaller pharmacies.

But in the last few weeks, I haven't been at all. Although I'd like to say that I've been careful with my purchases, the reality is that the swipe on my credit card has been acting up, and for some reason, Duane Reade's swipe machines have been more sensitive to it. As I discovered, store employees are not allowed to key in the numbers, so without cash on hand, I couldn't make a purchase!

Not wanting to end up in that situation again, I found a CVS along my route to work, and was reminded of the importance of not relying on one store. Not only did I find the contact solution and 8 mini packs of tissues (this winter I've been going through them so quickly!) I was looking for, but the tissues were on sale. Scanning my CVS card brought the purchase down again, resulting in my total coming out to less than what I would pay for just the contact solution at Duane Reade.

(If you're near Columbus Circle, the new huge store at 57th & 8th Ave is really great. No one seems to know about it, so it's nearly empty, and stocked full of everything.)

While I respect those who compare prices regularly, it's a very time-consuming habit, so it's not for everyone. Like many people, I usually try to keep an idea of which stores carry which items for less, but clearly it's worth walking a few blocks out of the way to add another store to the list of regulars.

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