Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finding a New Hair Salon

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Did you see the wire fox terrier who won the 138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show here in New York yesterday? His fuzzy legs make him look like an adorable stuffed toy!

Some of the dogs who competed go through more hair-styling prep than many people do, but even so, it is not a flattering idea to look like most of the pups.

When I was in collage, I tried dying my own hair and ended up with a color that I thought looked fine, but when I went home to visit my family, someone pointed out that our golden retriever and I were twins... Both of us had the same golden-amber color. The color was beautiful in her coat, but not quite as nice for a human's head, so I knew it was time to try out hair salons.

Finding a new hair salon is always a nail-biting task. Of course it's just hair and it will grown back, but who wants to spend money on something she may end up hating? I've always relied on asking friends with great hair for their salon, and am pretty nervous about trying out new places, but a more adventurous collage student with bangs recently gave me a great tip: Try out the salon for a bangs cut first, and go back for a full haircut if it was a great experience.

Not everyone wears bangs, so it wouldn't work for everyone, but since bangs are popular right now, it is a great idea for many women! What about you? Do you have a way of finding a new salon besides scrolling through hundreds of comments on Yelp? Do you rely on friends for recommendations, or have you just gone to the same salon for years so as to avoid the issue entirely?

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