Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Found: The Perfect Baseball Cap

images from Madewell
I don't wear baseball caps all that often, but even so, I find it handy to have one I can grab when I don't feel like wearing a straw hat on sunny days. While the big-brimmed beach-ready styles are great for sun-coverage, I find that they sometimes give the impression of trying too hard in the city. Plus, sometimes one just needs a practical hat that will stay put while doing something more physical than lying on the sand.

It may seem unseasonably early to pick up a summer hat now, but often the best deals are found by those who keep an eye out for seasonal items all year long. With that in mind, I've been on the hunt for a new baseball cap since at least two summers ago. Even though I currently have a baseball cap from a charity event at the now closed Rugby Ralph Lauren store, I'm not wild about it: It's not a color I love, and it has a large Rugby logo on it. I'm not a huge fan of large labels anyway, but after being asked if I played rugby several times, I became even more annoyed about the obvious logo. I just wanted a regular, old-fashioned baseball cap.

I enjoy rugby from the sidelines,
but haven't played.
By my definition, a regular old-fashioned baseball cap is the classic style:
-Cotton (or wool, but cotton is a little more versatile)
-Rounded, or un-constructed shape (as opposed to the kind with a ridged panel at the front)
-A regular length brim
-A classic color such as Nantucket red, khaki, navy (or grey if it's wool)
-Lacking obvious labels/designs

This proved somewhat difficult to find at the price point I was looking for (under $25), but I'm certain that was due in part to only keeping an eye out, and not searching out store after store. I found several versions I liked at a higher price, and several versions that were close contenders for under $25, but every time, I decided to wait to see if I found one that fit everything I wanted.

And I'm very glad I did... I found the perfect baseball cap by Biltmore, who made the version for Madewell. And the best part? It's just $22.00.

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