Friday, February 28, 2014

Inexpensive Picture Frames

Finding inexpensive picture frames that look nice has become easier over the last few years.

We have some beautiful frames we received as wedding gifts, but not enough for all the pictures we want to display. The expensive frames are clearly worth their price because their construction is much more solid, and their designs are beautiful: One can tell that they are quality frames from across the room. But by being very picky and spending a little time in the frame aisle, I have also found some great frames at both Target and Kmart. They may not look amazing on their own, but when they're mixed in with expensive frames, they look good enough that no one will notice the difference.

Here are a few from Target that look more expensive than their price tags, along with some observations I've made about cheap frames over the years...

Glazed pottery looks good, especially when it's textured like these.
Go for neutral colors so that the texture doesn't make the color too busy.

Enamel frames are always a safe bet.
For a low price, they emulate expensive versions quite well.

Silver is almost always a good choice for cheap picture frames.
Textured silver can look good, but mirrored frames are nearly always good looking.
Just don't go overboard with the mirrors -- these really look best in moderation, and mixed in with nice silver frames.

Wooden frames have the most range of cheap-looking to good-looking.
Usually, I would say to avoid wooden frames altogether, but this knotty one is an exception.

Plastic picture frames never look more expensive than their price tags.
These are an example of what to avoid if searching for items that look more expensive than their cost.

It is more than possible to find good frames at cheap stores, as long as one is willing to take the time to really consider each available frame. This is one of those instances where knowing what to look for really helps. Spending some time looking at expensive frames first can make it easier to identify cheap frames that are truly worth their price.

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