Friday, February 7, 2014

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie Clutch / Tote

Last week I headed to the Yale Club on one of those days where there was a good deal of slush covering the city. As I was emerging from my coat, hat and scarf at the coat check, the woman next to me glanced up from the tufted leather bench, and with a slightly apologetic look, pulled shoes from her purse in order to swap them for her wet boots. We chatted briefly about the necessity of a change of shoes in this weather while we waited to check our piles of outerwear.

The nomadic lifestyle of New Yorkers sometimes requires toting gym-wear, outside boots and inside shoes all around town throughout the day. Most days it's not too troublesome, but sometimes the day will end somewhere without a coat check, but where one may want to only carry a clutch. Preparing for those days always causes far too much work in the morning, which is why the bag below has been on my mind for weeks.

images from J. Crew

Before being introduced through J.Crew, I wasn't familiar with WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, but I have been dreaming about this amazing tote, which converts into a clutch. The Montreal-based company makes some beautiful pieces, and they all look like they're made to last.

Whether walking the two miles to Midtown on a nice day and wishing to change shoes, or crossing just a few avenues through the slush, this bag would come in quite handy. And at over 15" by 16" when it's folded down into a clutch, it would still be able to hold a small pair of walking shoes. Why hasn't someone thought this up before?

I hope you have a lovely slush-free weekend, and check back next week for a great giveaway!

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