Friday, February 21, 2014

Searching for a Budget-Friendly Classic Watch

Images from Getty Images and Cartier via Vanity Fair
While Jackie Kennedy Onassis is beautiful in every picture I've ever seen of her, this casual moment is one of my favorites. I cannot imagine a simple turtleneck and watch looking as classic, yet glamorous, on anyone else. But that's exactly what makes this famous photo a style inspiration for the ages.

The watch Jackie O. is wearing is even more classic than the photograph. The elegant Tank watch, originally referred to as the rectangular watch, by Cartier, has been adored by men and women alike since it's debut in 1917. It has graced the wrists of Princess Diana, Princesses Mary, Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama, among many others.

Sadly, the beautiful and timeless la Tank cannot fit into all of our budgets. But being as iconic a style as it is, one can easily take inspiration from this photo, and find a similar style.

To look for:
-Classic colors, such as silver, gold, brown or black
-Rectangular face
-Band that is the same width as the face
-Simple rectangular sides (case)
-Classic & simple hour marks, such as Roman Numerals or dashes
-Optional: Small jewel-colored detail at the winding device (crown)

image from Macy's
This Seiko watch face is extremely close in design to the Cartier Tank. Jackie's watch had a small emerald at the crown, and the dark color of the "jewel" creates a similar look, making this watch a great affordable option to the Tank

image from Macy's
This one has a brown leather strap like the Tank pictured above, and the hour marks on this Citizen watch gives this one a traditional style. This watch also uses solar power instead of a battery, but the overall size is slightly larger and more masculine than the Tank.

image from Macy's
While this version by Pulsar has dashes instead of Roman Numerals, as well as a pale gold face instead of white, the leather straps are of better quality than that of the Citizen watch, giving this one a sophisticated look. The size is feminine and just right.

(Totally unrelated: I'm obsessed with basket weave tiling. Isn't the floor beautiful?)

I preferred brown leather for the straps, and decided to go with Pulsar, mainly for the overall size, as well as the quality of the leather. Would you go for a classic watch style like this one? I'd love to hear which you would choose!

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