Thursday, February 13, 2014

To Keep Me Warm

Are you staying warm today? We got 9.5" of snow in Manhattan! I wish I had cross-country skis and some time off from work to take advantage of it. Cross-country skis are one of those things I can't really justify keeping in our apartment, but once every couple years we get a snowfall that makes me wish I did.

In preparation for the snow, last night got pretty chilly in the city. And while I bet most of us have the warm clothing thing down at this point in the winter, looking nice and being warm enough to spend a good amount of time outside can be tricky.

We were headed to a Broadway show, and while some people have stopped dressing for the theatre, I think it's respectful to dress up at least a little (plus, it's just more fun!). So, on went two pairs of tights, two heatteach shirts, a silk skirt and a wool sweater. Since it wasn't due to snow until after midnight, I figured my heeled boots would be safe, and that the leather covering my calves would be a welcome additional barrier to the cold.

I had on more layers than I might for skiing, but my real weapon was this coat my brother gave me for Christmas. It kept me toasty warm, and appropriately dressed.

Women's coats, especially stylish women's coats, often end up with too much concern for fashion, and not enough concern for function. I have owned one or two of those in the past, but I've stopped bothering with them because I've learned (the uncomfortable way) that a warm coat is worth every penny -- and even more so if one walks everywhere. Find one that's classic in cut and color and well-made, and its warmth will pay you back for years.

Although sizes might be tough to get just right, now is really the perfect time to invest in a good coat. We still have a few more weeks of winter -- and maybe even another blizzard -- headed our way, but spring clothing lines are now available, so winter coats have been marked down drastically.

Besides, when it gets just a bit warmer out, a warm classic coat can still be worn open for a casual and pretty style.

Both images from Brooks Brothers.

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