Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Trompe l'oeil Removable Wall Paper

all images from Touch of Modern
I regularly have dreams about discovering an airy room, or hidden forest, or amazing library that I didn't know existed in my house, or somewhere nearby. Every time, I'm so surprised that I never knew this awesome space existed, and so excited about how neat it is... and then I wake up.

Analyze this as you will, but I'm convinced these dreams are influenced by all the books I read as a child where hidden rooms, stairwells, and trap doors held fantastic discoveries, and my ever-present fascination with hidden rooms in houses. I mean, who isn't enthralled with a hidden door?

My love of surprise spaces may also be part of the reason I am regularly bewitched by trompe l'oeil paintings. I find them to be enchanting.

These trompe l'oeil paintings from ohmywall via Touch of Modern are printed on "paste on, peel off" paper, and are really beautiful. Removable large prints likes these may seem expensive at around $300, but considering how easily they cover a blank wall, they're actually more economical than multiple small framed prints.

From trompe l'oeil libraries (maybe for a wall with a door?) to outdoor gardens, these would add a dream-like wall to any space. They're also on sale through tomorrow morning.

It would certainly be neat to wake up from one of those "hidden room" dreams to a faux hidden room, garden or hallway of my own.

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