Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wearing Loafers & Skirts

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I've never been a sneaker person. I know many will argue that they're comfortable, but they're just not me. I know they didn't fit into our school's dress code, but even before prep school, I cannot remember wearing them outside of playing a sport or doing something physical. I did try out sneakers for a while in college, but quickly went back to my non-sneaker ways. What I do remember wearing a lot of is loafers.

Many flats can be just as bad for one's knees and back as heels, but loafers have a slight heel, which makes them more supportive. So it was particularly good timing for me that when I was confined to flats due to a back injury, loafers were starting to come back into style on the streets of New York.

Rediscovering loafers has been great fun for me -- I thought they would be a challenge to dress around, but they really do go with nearly everything.

Black loafers truly go with everything. Fashion editors have been saying this for some time now, and it certainly is true. But there was something about black loafers that felt off to me, and I couldn't put my finger on it until my brother, a witty and consistent loafer-wearer himself, told me, "in Connecticut, we wear brown loafers."

That was it: Black loafers are much more city-trendy, while brown loafers are New England-classic. But that doesn't mean brown loafers need to look preppy, and they are still just as easy to wear. Pants are a logical and easy choice, but since I prefer skirts, continue reading for a round up of some great ways to wear loafers and skirts together...

Images (from left): here, here, and here
Images (from left): here, here, and here

Black goes with everything from full tea-length skirts to short straight skirts.

Images (from left): here, here, and here
Tights make brown loafers and skirts easy to pair...

Images (from left): here, here, and here
...As do simple, classic pieces.

Images (from left): here, here, and here
 A slightly pointed toe on the loafer gives them a feminine flare that is perfect for skirts...

Images (from left): here, here, and here
...And a low vamp (the top part) shows off more of the foot, making these as easy to wear as ballet flats.
Here's the brown pair I have, and I recently also got these with a lower vamp...

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...But if you still prefer black loafers, might as well go all-out on the city-style, and go for these with studs!

More inspiration here and here.

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