Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? I haven't been home enough to do as many DIY projects as I'd like recently, so I'm very much looking forward to working on a few projects, and finishing the tutorial for the one I want to share next week!

I'm also planning to go to a yoga class, and maybe check out this event my brother told me about. It looks neat, right? I like the idea of listening to a professor's lecture with a drink in hand... The only trouble is deciding which of the interesting talks to attend.

Here are a few fun things from around the web that I've been thinking about recently...

-Rugs are so expensive... How great is this option?

-Did you know you should wash your hairbrushes? It makes so much sense, and yet it had never occurred to me.

-I adore Jennifer Behr. I would love to wear that birdcage veil somewhere special.

-My knot-tying skills have gone out the window. These tutorials are great because they're easy to follow.

-It's almost Tax Day, so I bet some people will be using the weekend to finish up their taxes. After this post, I tried to convince a co-worker to test out an accountant for the first time. He did, and ended up getting back $1,000 more than what his online tax program gave him.
But if you'd still prefer to do them yourself, here are a few a great options, and some free options too!

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