Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Make it Better: Hanging Keyhole Hooks

Keyhole hooks are very supportive for hanging items like shelves, but their hidden nature can make them a nightmare to hang. After an apartment move required me to hang several of these types of hooks, I came up with a super easy system that works really well.

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Supplies needed:
-Making tape or washi tape
-Regular hanging supplies (drill or awl, screws, and anchors if necessary)

Here's the keyhole shelf I'm hanging, and my adorable helper.

Using the tape, run a length all the way across both keyholes, being sure to line up the tape with the top of the keyholes so that they are even.

Using a pencil or other sharp object, puncture the tape at the very top of the keyhole's opening, since this top spot is where the weight of the shelf, and therefore the screws, will end up.

Here's what the tape should look like at this point.

Carefully remove the tape from the object being hung, and place on the wall. Use the level to make sure the tape is exactly where it should be positioned. The beauty of the tape is that it can be re-positioned as many times as necessary to get the spot just right.

Once the tape is correct, drill holes right through the tape where the holes in the tape indicate. If using anchors, they can go right through the tape as well.

After the screws are in place, the tape can easily be pulled off the wall.

Placing the shelf on the screws is now easy, and correctly placed!

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  1. That is the cutest little helper that I've ever seen!!


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