Monday, March 24, 2014

Marriage Weekend

Did you have a nice weekend? I had a terribly unproductive weekend, but it was so nice to take a morning to sleep in.

Outside of my laziness, the theme of the weekend seemed to be marriage. I went to a really lovely engagement party on Saturday evening at a beautiful restaurant in New Jersey called The Brick House. It was so nice to see my dear friend's family again, and meet her soon-to-be-husband's family as well. Thank Goodness for parties celebrating major life events -- sometimes it's the only chance I have these days to see my friends' families! It was a really nice evening, and everyone was clearly so happy these two found each other and are getting married.

The sweetest of the gifts given was made by his sister. She took a beautiful bedspread their parents received as a wedding gift, and turned it into a pair of throw pillows. What a lovely way to pass on a sentimental item from one marriage to the next.

The following morning at church, the first indication that the wedding theme would continue was when our priest opened the mass by mentioning two people who were committing to one another that day. Surprised by this addition to his speech, I looked down the aisle and noticed a woman wearing a white dress and a veil standing in the first pew.

At first I wondered if they had been married before mass, but moments later she and her fiance were invited up to the alter. Once they walked up to the chancel, they were in full view and we all got to appreciate her pretty dress with cap sleeves and an open back above a full bustle. As they knelt down, we also got to appreciate his cowboy boots.

After a blessing, the priest also invited up two very small and adorable ring bearers, one with a pacifier in her mouth. It was so cute to see their tiny legs navigate the stairs up to the alter, and then carefully teeter back down to their mothers. The couple exchanged vows and rings, had their first kiss as a married couple, and the whole congregation applauded before the mass continued.

I've seen many christenings happen during mass over the last year or two, but I had no idea it was an option to be married during a regular Sunday mass. In a way it really makes a lot of sense -- if a couple already stands up in front of their friends and family to declare their commitment to one another, why not make that declaration in front of the entire congregation? And, as an engaged church buddy pointed out, it's also a neat way to save some money on a wedding.

I was just happy to help them celebrate their marriage -- even though I don't know them, it was a lovely treat to be part of their day. Love is always such a welcome theme to a weekend, isn't it?

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