Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sample Sales

image from Chic City Life
While searching for bridesmaid dresses, one of my bride-to-be friends brought us to a sample sale. It was intense to pull through the racks of dresses, and search for multiple dresses in different sizes, but the line to the dressing room was the real challenge! Luckily, I was wearing super-opaque tights and a stretchy camisole, so we headed to the back corner of an aisle where my friend and her mother held up some bridesmaid dresses -- which make remarkably useful make-shift curtains -- and I was able to try a few on.

Do you ever go to sample sales? I've gone to a couple here and there, but usually the lines to get in are too long for me to handle. Some of my friends have done really well with them, though!

Chic City Life has a great "how-to" guide for sample sale-ing. One of the tips is dressing right, and it really makes such a difference: I was lucky on that bridesmaid trip, but the first time I went to a sample sale, I was not dressed right, and that added some complications.

Here are a few sites my friends shared that they use to keep updated about sample sales....

260 Sample Sale


Sample Sally

...Do you know of any more? Share below!

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