Friday, March 21, 2014

Summer Shoes

image from Salvatore Ferragamo
image from Salvatore Ferragamo
While buying a good winter coat is high on the preppy-sensibilities checklist, indulging in an expensive pair of classic shoes is usually restricted to loafers, and maybe boat shoes.

It certainly does make sense to invest in a good pair of shoes that are easy to walk in, but since my clothing style tends to lean more feminine than androgynous, I've been reluctant to invest in a good pair of shoes I may not wear regularly. Winter boots make sense to invest in, but when it comes to warmer weather, I've usually gone with inexpensive options.

This year, however, I may change that plan. After wearing this pair of brown Rag & Bone boots throughout the fall and winter (and now possibly the cold spring), I've come to appreciate footwear that goes with absolutely everything. It makes me think that it may be time to invest in a pair of go-to late-spring and summer shoes that are easy to walk in and go with everything… Even if they are not boat shoes.

While some consider the classic Chanel ballet flats to be the epitome of summer footwear, I am a fan of pretty shoes with a slightly higher heel. Not only does a 2 inch heel make a huge difference in comfort, but it also makes summer skirts and dresses look so much prettier than flats ever could. Heels are nice with summer dresses, but sometimes I find that a summer dress and high heels looks a little too tart-like in the middle of the afternoon. A low heel, on the other hand, makes the same dress look absolutely appropriate no matter the situation. And a low chunky heel helps keep even the sweetest of summer dresses from feeling saccharine.
image from Salvatore Ferragamo

These shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo are, in my opinion, the perfect shoe to wear with summer dresses. Not only would they look just as perfect for brunch at The Boat House as they would at work, but a 20-something could wear them, and her grandmother could borrow them just as easily.

That age-less appropriate-ness is what makes them a wonderful investment. And for the women who still prefer flats? Well, they come in a beautiful flats version as well.

So now the only question is: Which color is best?

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