Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Campbell Apartment

Tonight, I'm headed to The Campbell Apartment for the second time in a week. Last time it was for drinks with a friend who had to catch a train to Connecticut, and this time it's for drinks with other alumnae, which should be fun.

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If you're unfamiliar with The Campbell Apartment, it is a beautiful bar in Grand Central, which was once the private office and salon of John W. Campbell.  I'm all in favor of a bar that requires proper attire, but don't let the leather chairs, waitstaff in pearls, and beautiful woodwork fool you into thinking this is a stuffy bar -- it's got a fun 1920's feel, sometimes even with a jazz band setting the mood...

When it was an office
image from Sola enNuevaYork
And now as a bar
image from Museum of the City of New York

image from Travel with Terry
image from Jodi McKee
If one goes upstairs, she can really appreciate the beautiful ceilings.

The Campbell Apartment has enjoyed some notoriety for being the spot where Serena and Nate had a famous scene on the bar in Gossip Girl, but some people are still not familiar with it, and it's a really great bar and location to meet friends.

To get to The Campbell Apartment, either walk through the glass door at the end of Cipriani, or, if Cipriani is closed, exit Grand Central through the Vanderbuilt exit, and re-enter through the glass doors to the left (closer to 42nd Street), which leads to a half-flight of stairs, followed by a floor with elevators, a double staircase, and the flight of stairs up the bar. It gets really busy and full, so checking your coat is smart this time of year.

Although the inside is beautiful, in the warmer months The Campbell Apartment spills outside through the glass doors with wicker chairs, couches, low tables and a bar set up just outside the doors of Grand Central. It's during these warmer months when ordering the Prohibition Punch is really worth it -- served over ice, it makes for the perfect warm-weather cocktail.

I think tonight I might go for the Kentucky Ginger, since the spice of the ginger is nice when it's chilly. But there are so many great choices that I may have to try something else, too!

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