Friday, March 7, 2014

Unexpected Winter Hostess Gift

For a while now, it has seemed that everyone is just so finished with winter. It has been a cold one, and with more snow than usual in NYC, so it seems fair that everyone is ready for spring.

Flowers as a hostess gift are a natural gift in the spring and summer, but what better way to cheer up your hostess' home in the dead of winter than to bring her some colorful flowers to remind her that Spring is on its way?

Giving flowers as a hostess gift is an unexpected winter treat, and flowers have been my go-to hostess gift this season. Here are a few tips to make the most of the deli's selection…

Pre-combined bouquets are okay, but cannot always be counted on to be very pretty. They also tend to be more expensive than the individual types of flowers. This bouquet was $12...

…While all of these options were $5.

For more of a punch, skip the pre-combined bouquet and go for one of the less expensive flowers like these campanulas priced at $5 per bunch. But one bunch would look pretty lonesome, so double or triple it up. This is three bunches at this deli, but at other delis, this would be two bunches.
Choose just one color to maximize the punch.

 Ask for the flowers to be trimmed and wrapped together. The individual wrappings will be discarded, and the stems cut (saving your hostess the work).
The three bunches are now all one big bunch, which makes for a pretty gift.
An added benefit to buying multiple bunches is that one bunch can be currently in bloom, while another bunch chosen may be still in buds. Mixing these up will allow the flowers to last longer.

I prefer to skip the white outer paper, because being able to see the flowers through the clear cellophane makes for a great presentation. This deli used tissue paper inside the cellophane, which I think is particularly pretty.

One color, but multiple bunches, makes for a much more glamorous bouquet than one set of mixed flowers, and they end up being about the same amount of money.

I always enjoy getting flowers, and there is something almost decadent about having them in the house in the middle of winter. Plus, I love that when I give them the hostess gets to enjoy the flowers long after the party is over.

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