Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Little Ginger and Off to Bed

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This isn't the case anymore, of course, but on my first trip to Europe, I remember being impressed by the tiny cans of soda. Soda at all was a treat in our house ("empty calories," as my father always said), and I have always loved all things tiny, so to not only have a soda, but to also discover the miniature cans other countries had was exciting. I remember wishing we had them here in The States, and I knew I would want to buy the little cans if I could.

But then I grew up, and in reality, we don't usually buy those empty calories -- neither in regular 12 ounce sizes, nor in small 8 ounce sizes.

Yesterday, however, I felt really sick. It was my own doing -- after being in pain for a good deal of the day, I took a prescription pain killer and then accidentally skipped dinner. Pretty silly, right? By the time my choir rehearsal ended at ten, I felt queasy, but by the time I got home, I thought all of my insides from my brain right down to my toes were ripping themselves out. The feeling made me think of Hamlet and all the poisoning that happens -- I felt like the King, suffering from my own poison. I knew I should eat, but couldn't manage more than a few bites.

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Thankfully, my wife came to my rescue by suggesting the ginger ale that was hiding in the back of the refrigerator for just a case like this. I was extremely grateful to her for the idea she had several weeks ago to buy the tiny cans of ginger ale and keep them on hand.

While there is very little to no actual ginger in most brands of ginger ale, Canada Dry included, it still always seems to do the trick. A few sips from the can and straight to bed was the exact prescription I needed to feel better by morning.

What makes her idea smart, and frugal too, is that she bought the small cans, and insisted we are not to drink them for fun, only when we're sick, so that they are available when we need them. The small cans are better for this purpose because when one is sick, she only wants a little bubbly, and usually cannot finish a regular 12oz can. They also take up less room in our apartment-sized refrigerator, and cost a little less, two great points for living in a small space in an expensive city.

My appreciation of those small cans of soda was certainly very different last night from my love of their size when I first encountered them, but I now have two reasons for loving their little size -- they are every bit as adorable as I remember, and now they have the added benefit of being practical as well.

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