Thursday, April 3, 2014

Better than Ice Cream

Well, I don't know if there's anything better than ice cream, but whipped cream comes close.

Added sugar does terrible things to us, like age our skin prematurely, overload our livers, and many other things. Due to this, we've been really careful about cutting out a good deal of the sugar in our household. We still eat naturally occurring sugars, but have not been buying items with sugar added, except as treats.

One of the first things to go had to be the ice cream. Ice cream is my absolute favorite dessert (so much so, that when my wife proposed, she hid the ring box in an ice cream container!), but fake sugar alternatives don't cut it with me for the taste, and artificial sweeteners may not be any healthier than processed sugar anyway, so ice cream has become a very occasional treat.

As an dessert alternative, we've been using whipped cream and fresh fruit. But many of the pre-made whipped creams have ingredients we avoid, so when we found this package at Trader Joe's, it was very exciting!

Because of the carrageenan, we still only have this as an occasional treat, but it is a fun alternative to a high sugar dessert, if you're looking for one.

If you're about to ask why I prefer this to just whipping up some plain ol' cream, it's because this little box won't go bad as quickly as regular cream. That means that we can have it on hand for those days when dessert is needed -- no planning ahead to buy cream earlier in the day.

What's even more fun is whipping the cream ourselves. I love watching the peaks form as the cream turns into whipped cream. Over berries, it's a dessert that makes my sweet tooth very happy.

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