Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cedar for Moths

As we inch towards spring cleaning and putting away our winter clothes, now is a really good time to pick up some moth deterrents. The Container Store is having a "Spring Cleaning Sale," and here are two things I would suggest picking up.

Cedar smells so much better than mothballs, and it's worked pretty well for me. There are tons of cedar products available, but I skip the sprays, balls, and sachets, and go instead for the blocks and hanging blocks.

The thing about these products is that they work well when they are new because they're potent. The delicious aroma of cedar will waft around the clothing and protect it, but as the cedar ages, the smell and protection begins to fade.

To keep that scent strong, one can simply use sandpaper to rough up the sides of the cedar, and the scent will be good as new. This is much easier to do with the wide planes of the blocks than it is to do with the balls. Using this technique makes sprays useless by comparison, because they will eventually run out, while the blocks will be as good as new each time they are sanded.

Another option is to keep air -- and therefore everything else, including moths -- out. Vacuum-sealed bags will do this, as well as help condense puffy winter clothing for tight storage spaces.

I use a combination of zip-top bags (cloth over-night type bags, mostly) and huge plastic storage containers for off-season clothing, but I'm considering using these this year inside the various containers to cut down on the amount of space down coats, comforters, and heavy wool sweaters take up.

The nice thing about the Space bags offered by The Container Store is that they pull the air out with a regular vacuum cleaner, and don't require a special tool one must worry about storing.

Using either of these options should help keep the insects out, but if a hole still shows up (moths always find the favorite sweaters, don't they?), here's a fix for closing it up!

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