Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lifetime Love

Zagg screen protector
Well, lifetime love for a gadget, anyway.

Last week I received the third screen protector for my iPhone in about two years. The first cost me under $20, and the second and third were absolutely free. Okay, I had to pay about $3 in shipping. But the screen protectors were free because the brand I bought guarantees their screen protectors for the lifetime of the gadgets they protect.

Buying items with lifetime guarantees is always a good sign of the company's commitment to quality, but when it comes to tech items, which are often discarded in a few years, one may not think to look for lifetime guarantees, as "tech" and "lifetime" are not words that are easily associated.

For cases that protect our tech toys, a lifetime guarantee may not even be necessary, as we may become bored with the design of a plastic case we look at daily. But when it comes to a screen protector, it makes so much sense to spend a tiny bit more money for one that will be replaced if it begins to bubble, turns yellow, or is damaged while doing its job of Protecting the Tech.

My first screen protector was over a year old when it began to bubble and peel. I sent off for a new one, which protected well enough that a serious key scratch only went through the screen protector, and saved the glass of the phone. Each time, my new screen protector arrived in a package along with a wedge to squeeze out bubbles during application, instructions, and an envelope to mail back the old screen protector.

Finding lifetime guarantees please me in many areas of purchases... I'm so glad to have found one for the lifetime of my phone, too.

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