Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not Always Final Sale

*Not always
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In the last few months, I've purchased two final sale items that I ended up needing to return.

As many people do, I like to buy things on final sale because they're generally very, very discounted, but one has to be certain she won't change her mind about the item, because the store will not take it back. I always think about these purchases for a while before buying them so I know it's fine if I'm stuck with them!

But recently, I bought two items with which I was not pleased. Being unhappy with a final sale item is worse than being unhappy with a regular item because it wouldn't have been purchased in the first place if it were not an item I really, really wanted. On top of the disappointment, there is the knowledge that I'm stuck with it.

The first item I was unhappy with was a bluetooth keyboard for my phone from Restoration Hardware. I knew it was odd to buy a tech accessory from there, but it was marked down to $19.99, and had good reviews online. Unfortunately, it didn't function correctly, and refused to acknowledge any of the three phones to which I tried to make it connect. After exhausting all possibilities to make it work, I finally contacted Restoration Hardware and explained the situation. I hoped they would at least give me a replacement keyboard that actually worked, but they were sold out, and offered to return the item instead.

The second item was a sweater from J. Crew. I was in need of a chunky cable-knit, super-warm sweater, but needed it to be black for the theatre. All the sources I know that make great sweaters at reasonable prices are very classic companies, so none had a black option. J. Crew came through with just what I needed, and it was final sale, so I was excited about the price. Unfortunately, it began to pill the first day I wore it, and knowing it would only get worse, I decided to ask if J. Crew would return it even though it was final sale. They did, and made the return very easy.

I was so pleased -- what great customer service! Instead of being upset with either company, and likely not buying future items from them, their responses made me happy to be their customer.

While it is unfortunate that I am so surprised by being being treated fairly by customer service, I thought it was worth mentioning my experience with these two items. It's good to know that if a final sale item is defective in some way, some companies will offer a fair return.

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