Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Place Setting DIY

In about the time it takes for muffins to bake, one of these sweet table decorations can be whipped up, making them an easy addition to a brunch table. For a last minute table setting, they are a pretty, cheery, spring-colored addition, which could also be done in different colors for other seasons or holidays.

Continue reading for the tutorial…
Supplies needed:
-7/8" Wide ribbon
-5/8" Wide washi tape
-Scotch tape

Step one: Cut the ribbon to the following lengths:
-1 piece at 6" long
-1 piece at 5" long
-3 pieces at 2.5" long

(I originally cut one of the three 2.5" lengths to 3," but discovered it was too long, so the picture is slightly off.)

Step two: Centering the washi tape, cover all of the ribbons except one of the 2.5" pieces.

Allow the washi tape to hang over the edges of the ribbon as shown.

Step three: Fold the edges of washi over the edges of the ribbon.

Step four: Overlapping the ends by one-forth of an inch, make the two longer pieces into loops.

Step five: Pinch the two loops together, and tape around the center using the scotch tape.

Step six: Wrap the non-washi taped ribbon around the center of the two loops, taping the back closed. Now it looks like a bow.

Step seven: Cover the center ribbon with washi tape.

Step eight: Cut a half-inch slit up the center of both remaining ribbons, then cut from the outer corner to the top of the slit, creating a triangle.

Step nine: On the back of the bow, tape the two triangle pieces with the flat ends to the bow.

If desired, add safety pins to the backs so that guests can adorn their lapels
with a sweet bit of spring color if they'd like.

If you're celebrating, have a Happy Easter!

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