Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wine for Dinner

Wine & Roses
Tonight we have plans to meet up with one of our couple friends to hang out, and I'm excited to see them. We're headed to Tessa, a new restaurant near us, and I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Our friends have two little boys, so when we get together, it's usually on a week night when their babysitter can stay late for their date night. In crashing their date nights from time to time, I've noticed something really smart that they do... They never order dinner, and instead stay in the bar area and get drinks and appetizers. While our friends choose the bar over the main restaurant in order to save time, a nice bonus is that they also save money.

Of course, this can be done at any restaurant with a bar, as we'll be doing tonight, but we often meet up at wine bars instead of restaurants or bars, and I've noticed that I actually prefer wine bars to other food and drinks options when meeting up with friends.

The great thing about a wine bar is that the atmosphere is better for chatting than a regular bar, and there is no set amount of time as there is when eating a meal at a restaurant. Options are usually a bit less expensive than a restaurant, but the selections for food and wine are more plentiful than at bars.

Wine bars are also usually empty enough to create a cozy and quiet place for hanging out. On weeknights, they truly are the perfect choice for meeting good friends because they tend to be far less full than on weekends. And now that many restaurants are putting out their seasonal sidewalk dinning areas, wine bars often offer lovely places to enjoy the weather and longer days. More importantly, wine bars feel inviting enough that one can linger if desired -- almost like one's own living room, but located in a more convenient location for friends coming from different directions.

While meeting for dinner may be habitual, it's nice to have a less expensive option that is adaptable enough to allow for either a quick glass of wine or for a long lingering evening. Finding wine bars instead of dinner spots is a great way to keep the cost down, while adding flexibility in case there is so much to catch up on that friends end up staying for hours.

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