Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cheap Trick: Good to the Last Drop

I love the way dark nail polish looks, but I hate the way it chips, so for a long time the only color I've worn is a very sheer pink. Maybe it's because sheer pinks don't need repainting as often as darker colors, but I always seem to end up with a bottle that is a little dried out by the time it reaches the halfway mark.

When nail polish gets to be old and slightly dried out, it becomes impossible to get a coat to go on smoothly. One may be tempted to toss the bottle and buy a new one, but it's so easy to revive it that it would be a waste to toss the half-empty bottle.

Plain ol' nail polish remover added to the molasses-style old nail polish is all that's needed to thin out the consistency and make it normal again. Add a few drops at a time, shaking the bottle each time. Once the desired consistency is reached, the nail polish is ready to go.

Often with these bottles that have started to dry up, there is a nasty layer of dry nail polish around the neck. Clean that up using a cotton round and nail polish remover, and not only will the remaining nail polish be easier to reach, but the bottle will close well, keeping it from drying out as quickly again.

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