Thursday, May 1, 2014

H&M Cheap Athletics

For just over a month now, I've been going to yoga an awful lot. As in, sometimes even four-times-a-week a lot. To be totally honest, I don't really love yoga, but 1) My wife does, and it's fun to go with her, and 2) If I had any idea it would change my body so quickly, I'd have started going regularly years ago.

Visting the yoga studio so often has wrecked absolute havoc on my two pairs of leggings, rendering them nearly useless. Not only have they grown from the frequent washings, but my legs seem to have shrunk a bit, so recently, they have started to look more like sweatpants than yoga-worthy leggings. They got to the point that I would have to pull them up to my shoulders after every few positions during class. Even so, I had hang-ups about buying new pairs because 1) Is there anything worse ever to try on than leggings?, and 2) I don't think spending a lot of money on athletic clothing is smart if there's a chance of finding adequate clothing at cheap store. Especially if it's not an activity one loves.

But I really, really needed new leggings. I checked out lots of options and found many versions in the $30-$65 range, but just wasn't willing to part with that much money for leggings. So, as I walked past H&M today, I decided to stop in to see if they had anything adequate. Turns out they did -- I found a pair for under $10.

I was on my way to class, so I didn't have time to look at everything H&M offered, but it turns out there are a lot of offerings. Here are a few other cheap athletic options that are good enough to make me think a second trip to H&M may be in my future. Especially considering that everything below ranges from just $5.95-$14.95.

all images from H&M
clockwise from top left: racerback top, shorts, tank top, sports bra, jersey tank, socks, slub tank top, sports bra
center: sports bra
Even if my new $10 leggings don't last forever, I'm okay with that -- athletic wear gets so much use and goes through so many washes that I don't expect it to last a very long time. It's not always an option, but when finding cheap basics for work-out gear is possible, it's a great place to save some money. Which is particularly good when one is spending a lot to work-out in the first place!

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