Tuesday, May 27, 2014

High / Low: Patent Leather

Go low-end.

On a recent Saturday out of the city, someone had an extra ticket, so I got to be a last minute fill-in at a fabulous fundraiser in Litchfield County. The impressive guest list was dressed up in an unassuming way, the bar was set with tens of wine glasses, the tempting silent auction items were laid out, and the tasty bites were ready to be passed…

And then the skies opened with full force. It was really something -- I haven't seen rain pour that hard for that long outside of hurricane weather. On our way there, we passed over a river and for a moment I thought it was another road because the two looked exactly the same. Luckily, the tent used for the silent auction and cocktail hour mostly held up, but the grass nearby and even underneath the tent became saturated, and within just minutes there were two inches of watery mud everywhere.

One woman took off her shoes and held them in a very casual fashion, another pointed out that her shoes were ruined, but with wine in hand, she had decided to not worry about it until tomorrow. Others tried to stand gingerly in the grass until it was time to head inside the church for the presentation. Thankfully, I was wearing a pair of patent leather shoes, so while they required some leather cleaner and elbow grease the next day, they survived just fine.

Besides its ability to weather the weather, patent leather is great for dressing up an outfit. And thanks to its high gloss finish, whether or not the leather itself is high quality, the result is extremely similar.

One of these pairs of shoes cost well under $100, and the other cost well over $200, but it's hard to tell which is which (hint). Since it's so hard to tell, patent leather is an easy accessory to go low-end on. And either way, it's nice to know that patent leather makes for a great rain shoe in a pinch.

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