Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lighten Up

images from Coach
Summer brings with it more time spent outdoors, which I am very much looking forward to doing. Everything in summer is better when it's lighter: Switching from full-bodied red wines to light blushes, swapping out heavy boots for summer sandals, casting off cumbersome layers of clothing for breezy dresses.

Along with all of these things, the warmer weather makes me less inclined to carry a large, overstuffed bag. I want to toss on all lightweight things and get outside as soon as possible. I also want to stay outside as long as possible, which often means long walks and just another reason to lighten up the load I carry.

Cross-body bags are great for lightening up because they keep hands free, which in itself feels lighter.

Coach uses beautiful leather on their products, so when I realized that a cross-body bag with silver hardware (I find I wear more silver in the summer) in a nice summer color would be a helpful addition to my wardrobe, it was one of the first places I checked. As usual, Coach did not disappoint, and I found a few options.

My wish list for my bag search was that the bag would be medium in a couple ways: I wanted a medium size because if it's too small one runs the risk of looking like she's carrying a child's purse, but I already have a large summer tote, and I find that I fill it up too much, which means a very heavy bag. A medium size helps limit what I carry, and is versatile for many outings.

I also wanted medium structured shape: Very structured, lady-like purses are great classics, but sometimes they won't work with easy summer styles. Alternately, very slouchy Downtown bags may go with an awful lot, but still won't work with as many things as a bag shape that walks the line between the two.

Leather in the summer is a near must -- even if one chooses to save money on imitation leather bags during cooler periods of the year, the summer months are far too hot and sticky to carry a bag that will stick to one's bare skin. Clearly, I was looking for a cross-body bag to easily lighten the load, but a bonus on Coach's Bleecker Daily Shoulder Bag is that it has perforated leather, making it even more lightweight than a regular leather bag.

images from Coach

The best part, however, is the versatility of this particular bag's straps. Because it can be worn across the body, or the straps can be doubled up and worn over the shoulder, or the bag can fold down into a clutch shape, it can be used for a variety of activities. For a summer stroll or relaxed bike ride, the cross-body shape is perfect. For Uptown shopping or dinner, the shoulder style works. For an evening out, the clutch is at the ready.

I'm so excited to have found everything I was looking for and then some. I don't think a summer bag can get more perfect.

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