Friday, June 6, 2014

High / Low: Beach Towels

Go low-end.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful weather, and beach towels are on my mind. Lately, I've been noticing adorable, but expensive, beach towels, and while a Steven Alan Beach Blanket might be on my wish list, for towels it's best to go for something extra cheap.

Why is it better? Well, not only do both types dry a swimmer off just as well, but expensive beach towels tend to be more plush and luxurious, which means that they take up more space in a beach bag. Due to the plushness, high-end beach towels are also slightly heavier. I prefer to carry very few items to the beach anyway, but even for those who carry lots of amenities, a lighter beach towel helps make the trip over the dunes that much easier.

When buying cheap beach towels, there are many, many ugly options, but there are also lots of cute options too. H&M, Target, L.L. Bean, Land's End, and drugstores generally have options, and if one sticks with classic styles, the cheap version will look just as cute on the sand as the expensive version down the beach.

The best beach towel I have cost $7 and came from CVS, but there are a so many options available -- here's a round-up of beach towels for $20 and under...

For the full list, click here

Hope you get to enjoy the nice weather this weekend!

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