Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Make it Better: DIY Poppy-Top

Town and country poppies.
The poppies are out!

In celebration of the bright and delicate flower, here's a quick poppy-inspired DIY project. The DIY itself is one that's been shown a million times, but I adore pretty packages, and unlike during the winter holidays, now happens to be just the right time of year to add a tissue paper flower to the top of a present.

Using an old box is a great way to make wrapping a gift easy, but if the gift is not from the place listed on the box, it can feel weird to use it to wrap a gift. One option is the clever solution below (which I think is awesome) that my wife came up with…

…But another is to cover the name of the store. Kate Spade has the best boxes, and they're just too pretty to throw away. Here's how I covered the store name recently…

Supplies needed:
-Red tissue paper
-Scissors & tape

Start by rolling the tissue paper about 1" wide, then cut two waves into the end. The waves will become the petals. About two inches from the waves, chop off the end. Unroll the paper to see the waves.

Starting at the bottom corner pinch along the straight bottom, bringing together enough of the paper to equal about four of the petals. This will be the center of the flower. Continue pinching the bottom, wrapping in a circle around the center as more paper comes into the pinched area.

Use a small piece of tape to hold the pinched area together, and fold to one side. Use another small pice of tape to attach it to the box.

Hope you're enjoying lots of real flowers these days!

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