Thursday, June 5, 2014

Make it Better: Replacing a Missing Rhinestone

I love pave set styles. Actually, the first piece of jewelry of my mother's I remember falling in love with is a heart-shaped ring set with pave diamonds that she found in Paris during one of the trips she took in her twenties.

As opposed to large diamonds, pave set sparkle has a retro beauty that is appropriate in many situations, including during the day. The other thing that's wonderful about a pave setting is that it still looks good when it's set with crystals or even rhinestones instead of diamonds: Something that cannot be said for many other settings, and a useful option for footwear to draw on when it needs a pop of sparkle highlight.

But no matter the price or stone, sometimes pave settings loose their diamonds or rhinestones. With diamonds, one would probably find it worthwhile to replace the lost piece professionally, but when it comes to a missing rhinestone, fixing it oneself is a better option.

Rhinestones can be easily purchased and glued in, but if one would rather go for a nearly free option that can be done in just a couple minutes, this is an quick and easy way to fix it.

Rhinestones are usually set in a silver background, so when one goes missing it is noticeable mainly due to the dark hole left behind. The goal with this project is just to make the hole less noticeable -- when the eye isn't drawn to an obvious spot, it's unlikely anyone will notice that the hole has been filled by something other than a rhinestone...

Supplies needed:
-A tiny bit of tin foil
-Clear nail polish

Step One:
Tear off a tiny piece of aluminum foil -- it should be quite a bit smaller than one might think. The piece I used is shown against a penny to highlight just how small. Roll it up into a ball.

Step Two:
Add a small drop of clear nail polish to the hole, and tap the tin foil ball into place. Cover the hole with a thin layer of clear nail polish, and allow to dry.

Once the hole has been filled, the eye no longer notices the gap, making tin foiled a simple option. But even better, it takes so little time to do, that one can wear the item out in just moments.

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