Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Fraternity Collection

The Fraternity Collection, a Mississippi-based clothing company that makes cute and trendy preppy pocket-tees, seersucker shirts and accessories, is offering Luxe Austerity readers a 10% discount on all items with code URI.

The pocket-tees are very cute -- customers get to customize their choices by choosing the pocket and a color for the t-shirt or sweatshirt. The Fraternity Collection makes their products in the U.S.A., and also donates 10% of every dollar to charity -- and the customer gets to choose which charity will receive the donation. I would choose to send the donation to one of my favorite charities, Education Through Music, but it's neat to see where past donations have been sent.

As I look forward to the 4th of July, the flag pocket tee is the one that I would choose, but the embroidered bow logo on the hats and seersucker shirts are adorable too. How about you? What would you choose?

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  1. these are great, I've never seen anything like this before and so many colorful options. thanks!


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