Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beach Light

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Although the Fourth of July may end up with thunderstorms on the North East coast, the weekend promises to be good beach weather.

When I head to the beach, I pack light. It's in part because I prefer to jump in the water and don't want to worry about any of my stuff back on my towel, but also because I like to enjoy the beach part of being at the beach.

The sound of the breeze rustling the tall grass, the waves crashing on each other, the kids happily playing with brand new best friends, the seagulls calling, and the ferry horns in the distance. With all of these relaxing noises, I cannot wrap my head around the idea of bringing music to drown out these wonderful sounds. I'd rather enjoy the moment... Otherwise, why be at the beach at all?

I usually leave my phone at home, but here's what I do pack up in my bag for a day of smelling the ocean and feeling the sand, if you'd like to see...

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Cheap sunglasses.
The cheaper, the better, so that when the wind kicks up the sand, it doesn't scratch an expensive pair. A bonus is that if they accidentally are worn into the water, or purposely left behind on the beach, one doesn't need to worry about them.

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A cheap beach towel.
As I've mentioned, I think the cheap ones are far superior to their expensive counterparts.

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A hat with a nice brim.
Not only does a hat help protect one's head, but it makes a nap in the sun that much more peaceful.

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A book.
In between swims, it's nice to take advantage of the free time to read a little something. And while I love my Kindle, I still prefer the feel of a real book for the beach. Although I often get teased, I'm not one for "light, beach reading," either -- I so rarely have time to read, that I prefer the classics at the beach because I actually have some time to loose myself in a book.

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A few dollars in cash.
The beach vendors rarely take credit cards anyway, but more importantly, if it's stolen, it's less of a hassle than dealing with cancelling cards.

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A water bottle.
All the sunshine makes me thirsty, and the prices are too high at the beach.

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Can't have too much!

Once I toss everything in a bag, put on an old pair of Eliza B.'s, a swimsuit, and a cover-up with long sleeves that's appropriate for wearing through town, I can't wait to head out the door. Just thinking of this list makes me wish I were at the beach now instead of about to head out into today's thunderstorm. I hope you get to enjoy the beach this weekend!

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