Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Family Fourth

While yesterday was spent at the hospital for a family member's scheduled surgery, we spent the weekend with friends and family out on Block Island -- a family tradition that I adore.
The fourth had some crazy weather, didn't it? I was worried we wouldn't be able to get out to the island, but the seas were fine for our trip over on Thursday. I heard from others that the ferry ride on Friday was quite exciting, but I'm glad we didn't see that choppy water.

On the 4th, the hurricane rain was so strong that we were all soaked through in a matter of minutes. After hopping from one dry store to the next through town, we took refuge inside and my brother pointed out that the rain was so strong, it looked like the fake rain on a movie set.

While continuing to hide out from the rain and dry out on the porch after lunch, I went to see if the old compass was still painted on the Surf Hotel's floor after their renovations. I was pleased to see that it was, and it reminded me of staying at the Surf when we were little kids -- the porch was full of rocking chairs then, and we'd often find our parents relaxing there in the morning or after a swim.

The next morning brought clear skies, so we took a nice long walk on the beach, where we saw lots of people and dogs, but surprisingly, found no sea glass for our collections.

All of the holiday festivities were moved from the 4th to the 5th, so we watched the parade in the afternoon. Everyone celebrated by wishing one another, "Happy 4th on the 5th!"

I love that the whole town shuts down to go watch the fireworks in the evening.

Fireworks are always fun to watch -- even when seen across the water through a telescope, the way we watched the ones in Newport. But there's nothing like sitting almost right under them as they explode over the beach.

I hope you had a great Fourth of July!

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