Friday, July 11, 2014

Make it Better: Dog Bandanna DIY

This is a quick five-minute project (my favorite kind) for a piece of scrap fabric. Inspired by this one, it's a little no-sew way to add a cute accessory to an already cute pup.

Our dog, Manny, is a little Silky Terrier with a big, huge personality. Our Silky, like all Terriers, is a very expressive little guy, and his hard-working eyebrows constantly seem to express his thoughts. When we put clothes on him, he loves to run around to show everyone -- he seems to prance with the knowledge that he's very cute.

His clothing is mainly restricted to cool-weather items to keep him warm, but since he seems to love wearing clothing, I thought that dressing him up in a summer-appropriate accessory would be nice. Besides, what dog doesn't look cute in a bandana?

This bandanna is not a full square, and that's on purpose. I'm always looking for ways to use scrap fabric, and this one fit the bill. It may not be as well made as the one it's inspired by, but it's free!

Also, the measurements here can be approximate if the scrap of fabric is a little too small. If you look very closely, you can see that my triangle is more of a scalene triangle than an isosceles triangle, but once tied on, no one can tell. Continue reading below for the how-to...

Supplies needed:
-Measuring tape

Step one: Using the tape measure, measure the pup's neck loosely. My measurement was 11 inches, but that was with space for three fingers to fit inside the measurement. While Manny believes his calling in life is to be a model and sat still for me, it may be easier to do this with a length of string or ribbon on wiggly dogs.

Step two: Add about 7 inches to the neck measurement so that the bandanna will be long enough to knot. Finding the center of this length on the fabric, measure out perpendicular from here -- this will become the point of the bandanna. For small dogs, measure out 9 inches, and for big dogs, make this length 11-12 inches. Mark the fabric.

Step three: Cut from one end of the long side towards the mark just made, and repeat on the other end to create a triangle. Tie the bandanna on the pup, and enjoy the amused smiles of strangers on the street.

Optional: To make this bandanna longer-lasting and avoid future fraying of the fabric edges, add 1.5 inches to each of the measurements for seam allowance, then fold over 1/4" hemming tape (wrong sides touching, with tape in between), and iron. Do the sides that touch the point first, trim excess fabric, and then do the long side.

Manny loves his little bandanna -- I hope your pooch will too!

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