Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Make it Better: Removing Product Placement

Today, my wife and I embarked on a three day juice cleanse. We've been enjoying vegetable juice as meals now and then for a while, but this is the first time either of us have gone for a full day of only juice. I was a little nervous, but very excited to get started. I was (and still am) a little nervous because I just don't know how I'll feel. So far, I'm pleased to say that we both agree we feel just a tiny bit loopy, but good. However, we're getting the giggles like children! Everything seems extra silly tonight.

We both like Juice Generation juices, so when we decided to buy a pre-made three day juice cleanse, we went with Cooler Cleanse, and picked up our 40lbs of juices last night. Each day is ready to go in it's own cold pack, so now we have six of these great insulated bags that seem too neat to just throw away when the juice is gone. They're just the right size for lunches at work or a picnic in the park.

What would make these bags even better for multi-purposes is if they didn't have big printed branding on their fronts. So, I embarked on a second, quicker project this evening -- removing the printed logo.

This is a trick I learned from my wife's father who uses it to remove logos from binders so he can re-purpose them. It's incredibly easy, and can be used on millions of plastic products. He explained that because the ink used on branded items usually does not have great staying power, it can easily be removed with either turpentine or often just nail polish remover. Sometimes this trick leaves behind the impression from the logo, which can be seen if the light hits it just right, but is not very noticeable at all.

To remove this logo, I used a nail polish remover pad, which has just enough texture to really get rid of the ink.

Rubbing the logo in a circular pattern, the ink came off in seconds, and now we have a great plain bag to use in the future...

...When it's time for real food again.

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