Thursday, July 10, 2014

Product Worth the Price: Paper Tea & Coffee Filters

It may be quite frugal to use a reusable tea strainer, but if one drinks cups of tea or coffee and tends to make either one cup at a time, little paper disposable filters cannot be beat for their convenience, making them absolutely worth every penny spent.

I drink both tea and coffee, and I like tea enough that I'm constantly tempted to buy new blends of loose leaf tea. In fact, I'm quite incapable of passing by any tea store in any city without being tempted to pick up a few new blends to take home. Being a known tea-lover, I also often get loose leaf teas as gifts, which is wonderful.

I think I'm drawn to keeping a multitude of teas on hand because I love to open and smell each tin in my stash and decide which is the best for my mood at that moment. But I also love the whole calming process about tea -- being treated to a properly made tea with cups and saucers at a friend's house, going to a tea salon, or enjoying tea in the traditional way of different cultures.

At home or at work, I love waiting for the kettle to steam (sadly, mine doesn't whistle, but it's pretty!), pouring the hot water into a teapot or cup, and waiting for the moment that the tea is the strength I prefer. 

What keeps me from making tea sometimes, however, is when I do not have the patience to be calmed down. At work, specifically, there's always too much to do to even be bothered with rinsing the pretty tea strainers I have. I nearly stopped drinking tea for a while simply because it felt like it took up too much time to make a cup. So one day, while purchasing more unnecessary teas at Palais des Thés, I decided to splurge on this box of paper filters. It felt like a splurge not because the paper filters are expensive, but because it felt quite decadent to buy a disposable something when I had a reusable version already, but I am so glad I did. I now tell everyone how easy these disposable filters make it to drink tea frequently, and I have also resumed drinking tea at work. Because they are so convenient, I am, once again, enjoying the teas I've already purchased.

The type I bought is nice because the box comes with a little stick, which keeps the papers from falling into the cup, but Teavana also sells a version made "as purely as possible," which may appeal to others.

Another great benefit of these little paper envelopes is that I can make a quick cup of coffee in one if I choose -- pouring in ground coffee instead of tea leaves means I can have a single cup ready in a moment. Much easier, quicker, and less expensive than running to the deli, this option has become another favorite, and would also be great for traveling when just one or two cups of coffee are desired.

Although many tea affectionados would advise against it, I generally start out with one type of tea, and for a second cup, I'll add to the filter with either more of the same tea, or another type that will blend well, making it possible to use just one of these filters a day. This helps to both cut down on the garbage I create, as well as make one box of filters last a very long time.

These filters may be just a tiny indulgence, but it's certainly one that I am very pleased with every day.

(I test a lot of products. In order for it to be a Product Worth the Price, it must be an item I've lived with for a while and absolutely will purchase again.)

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