Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sleeping Better

Feeling better and enjoying the new mattress.
Memorial Day weekend was a very exciting and expensive few days in our household. Not only did we travel to New Orleans for a few days where our little pooch got sick and had a couple of expensive visits to the veterinary E.R., but when we arrived back in the city, we turned around and went out to buy a new mattress.

Unlike the surprise visits to the veterinarian, the mattress purchase was long anticipated. The old mattress wasn't really a mattress at all -- it was a fat roll-up version from Ikea that probably had more in common with a futon mattress than a real mattress. I had been sleeping on it for over ten years, and while its ability to easily be moved made it the perfect choice when it was purchased, a decade later it lost all of the comfort it originally possessed.

Even so, I was hesitant about buying a new mattress. I knew it would be an expensive purchase, and more importantly, one that would require a little planning so that it would hopefully last for a very long time. I wanted to hold off for as long as possible, and we certainly did -- from the first real discussion about upgrading to the time when we actually bought it was almost a year.

In the meantime, we did three things to prepare to buy an item we would be able to keep for a long time: We saved up for it so we could make the purchase without using a credit card or affecting our real savings, we started comparing mattress reviews online, and we bought one of these foam mattress pads to help hold us over.

While this was going on, my increased attention to mattress prices made me realize there was one more thing to keep in mind: Mattresses are often on sale during national holidays. So, once we knew what we were looking for, the price range we were prepared to spend, and saving up was finished, we waited just a little bit longer... This time for the next big holiday to roll around.

After all the waiting, on Memorial Day we headed to Sleepy's and made our purchase in just minutes. We were assisted by a very friendly and helpful man who told us that we were not the only ones to take advantage of the 50% sale prices -- while the store usually sells a couple mattresses a day, on Memorial Day, they sold over fifteen. The holiday sale was a great deal for us because we knew our budget, and we were able to get a higher-end mattress for the price we were willing to spend.

Heading in, we knew we wanted a mattress with a minimum of ten years warranty, since that gives an indication of how long it should last, and a mattress protector, since New York sometimes has bedbug outbreaks. But we learned that mattress protection is important for more than just our reasoning -- a mattress protector is the best way to keep a mattress warranty from being voided.

This being the first real mattress I have ever purchased, I certainly had no idea that a stain on a mattress voids the warranty. Apparently, ten, fifteen, or even twenty years of warranty goes right out the window the minute a mattress gets a stain. I'm so glad we were told -- while it's certainly possible to keep a mattress for that long without staining it, it is helpful to know that a mattress protector also protects the warranty.

I was also surprised to learn that some mattress protectors also offer their own warranties. The type we ended up with will send us replacements whenever we need one over the next ten years. Since I love that my phone's screen protector offers replacements for free, this was great news.

We may never take advantage of a replacement protector, and we may never take advantage of the mattress' warranty, but when they are offered at no additional cost, it really does say that the company backs up their quality, which is always something that makes a big purchase a little easier...

And makes it twice as nice to sleep well on our new big purchase.

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