Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Essentials: Shoes

We're at that point in the summer when it starts to feel like we're wearing the same things over and over, don't you think? I noticed that there are some summer essentials I cannot live without... Here's a roundup of the shoes that get me from work to weekend, and sidewalk to boardwalk, all summer long.

images: J. Crew & Madewell
Cheap flats
The weather encourages spontaneous long walks, and both ballet flats and pointed-toe d'Orsay flats work as well with shorts and rolled up pant legs that show off the ankle as they do with skirts and dresses. They also add just enough casual polish to pull-together relaxed summer outfits for work and on the weekend. While those pictured here are beautiful, these styles are common enough that they are easy to find a discount stores for around $35.

images: Jack Rogers & GiBlack
Flat sandals
Flat (or nearly flat) sandals that go with literally every summer clothing option are something I cannot live without. Jack Rogers are a classic, and I have yet to find anything they don't look good with. From summer weddings to shorts and tee-shirts, they're always perfect. Most younger women I know live in either the silver or gold pair, but my mother has the bone & white and navy & white among her collection of Jack Rogers, and they are beautiful and classic enough to imagine Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in a pair. According to Jack Rogers, she wore them too.
I love my Jack Rogers for trips out of the city or a short walk to a dinner date, but I usually avoid toe-barring and backless shoes in the city because I've broken too many toes already. The Abarcas have a slight peep-toe, which makes my toes feel more protected, and the slingback is easier to walk in than open-back shoes.

images: J. Crew, Nordstrom & Nordstrom
Summer wedge
Okay, hear me out on this one... I know so many women who are against wedges, and I am still anti-cork wedges, but with an espadrille, leather or wood bottom, they are pretty and feminine enough to go with so many options. Not only will they work for walking across grass or a dock if the need arises, but they are a nice longer-leg alternative to flats for dresses and skirts that fall below the knee.
Wedges are also an easy summery way to try out a shoe style that might feel a little out of one's comfort zone. Some women avoid ankle straps because they visually shorten the leg, and others avoid non-classic styles that feel a bit too fashion-forward for most of us, but the height of the wedge counters the visual shortening of an ankle strap, and as wild as any may seem, the wedge gives them an artsy flare, which makes them go with so many styles of clothing.

images: Eliza B & Toms
Rubber-bottomed relaxed shoes
I cannot imagine heading out of the city without both my Toms and my Eliza B.'s. Whether it's the beach, a bike ride, sailing, or just walking through town, one or the other will always fit the needs of the day.

Hope you enjoy some sunshine and comfortable shoes this weekend!

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