Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Frugal Food: Easy Coconut Shrimp

No-fry Coconut Shrimp
I don't like to cook, but it's usually healthier and less expensive than eating out, so I love finding things that can be made quickly and with only a couple ingredients I'm likely to already have on hand. This super easy coconut shrimp takes just a few minutes to make, and requires only three ingredients. Honestly, if I can't mess this up, no one can.

Not only is it super easy, but it's actually pretty healthy too -- shrimp is a lean protein, coconut oil is crazy healthy, and unlike many similar recipes, this one does not require frying the shrimp, using the broiler instead.

-Frozen cooked shrimp
-Coconut oil
-Unsweetened coconut flakes (This kind is sold at Fairway by the flours)
-Baking pan lined with tin foil

Put the shrimp in the bowl and run water over them to defrost them. They can sit in the water for a while to defrost a bit while other things for the meal are prepared like steaming veggies. This is also a good time to line the baking pan with tin foil and turn on the broiler.

Drain the water and add a tablespoon or so of coconut oil. The shrimp doesn't need to sit in a puddle of oil. Using your hands, roll the shrimp around in the oil until they're all coated, then add unsweetened coconut flakes as desired to the bowl, mixing up again. As each shrimp is placed on the tin foil, make sure it's covered in coconut flakes.

Once all the shrimp is on the tin foil, place the tray under the broiler for a few minutes. This time will change based on the size of the shrimp, but because they're already cooked, the shrimp is ready to come out when the coconut flakes turn golden and the shrimp is warmed through -- it should be under five minutes.

I like the coconut shrimp on its own with vegetables on the side, but it would also be great added to a salad. And since shrimp is delicious cold, this makes for either a fantastic dinner or a convenient lunch to pack up and bring to work or out on a picnic. Enjoy!

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