Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sick in the City

I've spent the last two days sick in bed. Usually, I'm quite proud of my solid immune system, but when I do get hit, it tends to be hard, and this is no exception.

In a city of over 8 million, we're bound to get hit with more germs than in the country. So, whenever I feel something coming on, I usually swear by Emergen-C with a drop of echinaeca, Advil, and hydrogen peroxide in the ears.

If you're not familiar with the approach, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear allowed to sit for ten minutes is a theory suggested to help clear up germs. It's really wild -- if the hydrogen peroxide is killing something, it bubbles and pops the same way it does on an infected cut, but you can feel and hear it so clearly in the ear. Sometimes it feels like a mini volcano. But even if there's nothing to kill, hydrogen peroxide also clears out ear wax more safely than a Q-tip does. Just don't do it too often, as some doctors warn that a little ear wax is good for helping to keep out germs.

There isn't much real data that confirms that any of my favored immune system boosters actually work, but I believe I've warded off many a potential cold with them. Unfortunately, they don't work every time, and it seems that these germs were just too strong. Now that I've been hit hard, I've been lucky to be taken care of well by my wife and my pup, but here are the other things that have been getting me through being sick in NYC, if you'd like to see...

Left photo credit: Amazon
A sound machine.
This sound machine (wrote about it here) has helped to combat the noise of the City that Never Sleeps. At night, it always helps with noisy neighbors, but it also came in very handy for helping to cut down on the sound of the sidewalk being ripped up outside my window.

Lots of Gatorade.
The doctor recommended it, sugars and all. To be honest, I'm a little bit of a fan anyway just because my family includes a few fans of the Florida Gators, for which Gatorade was developed and named. Usually my favorite is orange, but after five quarts, I'm suddenly really, really loving purple.

Urgent Care.
One of the best things about living in New York is having access to lots of amazing doctors. But what can be even better sometimes is being able to walk to the doctor's office. I cannot even imagine driving when an illness makes everything feel so overwhelming, so it's great to be able to walk right over and see a really friendly doctor without an appointment. Not to mention that they were open on Christmas Day a few years ago when I woke up with bronchitis.

And of course the absolute best thing about being sick in NYC is being able to get anything delivered. New Yorkers know that everything (seriously, everything you can think of. Yes, that too.) can be delivered directy to your apartment door. When I was on crutches several years ago in a fourth floor walk-up, I had McDonald's delivered just because I could. This time around it was just tons of chicken noodle soup. And Gatorade.

While an apple a day may not keep away all the extra germs we must fend off in the city, there certainly are worse places to be sick than in The Big Apple. Hope you're staying healthy... In or out of the city.

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