Friday, September 26, 2014

Hard Cider, Soft Price

When the crisp fall weather starts to set in as it has recently, I begin to crave hard cider. Maybe the cider is on my mind because it's the annual first hint of the hot apple cider that should be enjoyed while picking pumpkins or choosing Christmas trees at the farm. Hot cider will be enjoyed soon enough, but with its more crisp and cool style, hard cider is better suited to the moody weather of September before we hit the full strides of fall.

While giving in to a craving recently, I noticed that the nearest deli sells hard cider for $2.50 a bottle, while down the avenue the 24 hour grocery store sells six bottles for about $7.00. Obviously, if one wants hard cider, walking the extra block is the best choice -- the grocery store sells the same bottle for less than half of what the deli does. Paying more than double the price for the same thing at the deli is only a good option for the lazy (which, I'll admit, I have been). Having seen the price difference, it seems insane to buy cider at the deli.

Then last evening a friend and I both ordered hard ciders at a bar for $5.00 each. Considering bar prices in NYC, this almost seemed like a deal. $5.00 is less than an awful lot of bar drinks, especially if one doesn't really drink beer. On the way home, I stopped at the deli for something else and it occurred to me, quite suddenly, that $2.50 for a cider didn't seem so bad. Even knowing how little it costs at the grocery store, after paying double the deli price at the bar, the deli almost seemed to have a fair price.

It's funny how easy it is to be swayed into thinking a price is good just based on comparisons. At a high end clothing store recently, I thought $500 was a great price for a dress. It was... In comparison to the other prices in that store. A coffee shop baked treat at $4.00 might not seem very expensive next to a $6.00 coffee drink.

It's so easy to allow money to slip through one's pocket on little things, and this is for sure my biggest tough spot. The cider's multiple price points were a great reminder for me to take a step back and consider items less in comparison to other expensive things, and more in comparison to where I can find the same item listed for a lot less.

With the beautiful weather predicted for this weekend, hard cider is more likely than hot cider yet again, and I might indulge in some this weekend. But if i do, I'll be sure to buy it from the grocery store this time. I hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying the little things that you love about fall.

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