Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"It Just Feels So..."

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"It just feels so... So..."

"Vain," my friend laughed as she finished my sentence.

We had just realized that we both recently started going to dermatologists. I went at the urging of what turned out to be a chemical burn; she went at the urging of her beautician grandmother.

Leave it to a beautician to know -- my friend's grandmother was correct that the dermatologist could answer my friend's skin questions. And while I may have used the excuse of a blotch on my skin to get me in the door, once there I certainly took the opportunity to ask my skin questions as well.

Prior to my vist, I had read (as we probably all have) many fashion magazine beauty editors repeat over and over that going to a dermatologist for one's skin is akin to going to the doctor for any ailment: A doctor knows how best to address the problem. But even so, it always felt like something other people do... An indulgence I didn't need.

I am so happy to have been wrong. Surprisingly, the dermatologist told me my recent breakout would not be cured by the Proactiv+ I was using because it is not the right kind of treatment for my type of acne. That was shocking to me -- I had no idea a certain type of treatment would do nothing for my skin, and I certainly would never have figured that out without his expertise -- I would have thought I was just unlucky that my skin was not responding. He told me to throw it out and gave me two better options: Either buy an expensive brand he sold at his office, or take his recommendation for a very inexpensive brand sold at drugstores.

 It's possible the dermatologist saved me money by keeping me from continuing to buy products that would have little to no effect on my skin, but he absolutely saved me the frustration and time involved in testing those products out. In the end, it turns out that being a tiny bit "vain" can be very smart.

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