Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Flowers from Leaves

Have you seen these pretty flowers made from leaves by Nicole Duke via Sisters Know Best?

My version. Photos taken by my wife.

A pretty project that's free and takes just a few minutes was exactly what I had time for this weekend, so I gave them a try. I didn't watch the video instructions, so I made mine by just looking at the pictures. It came out nicely and was the easiest thing I've made in years.

Photos and project by Nicole Duke via Sisters know best.

I really love the way her flower in the final picture uses gradation to make the leaves look even more like a rose. My rose is a bit more random in color, which I like, but it might also be fun to make a few roses, each in a different color. The most colorful leaves are best for this as they bend more easily without breaking.

I used the pictures as a rough guideline for the process. I started by folding the first leaf's top point down, with the pretty side on the outside of the fold, as shown. But instead of continuing to fold it, I just rolled it from one side to the other, keeping the flat fold as the top. I folded a second leaf the same way, and rolled it around the first leaf, and repeated again with a third and forth leaf. These first four became the tight center.

After creating a center to the rose, I tucked other leaves around the center with the colored side facing the center of the rose. As I added each leaf, I turned it on a slight angle so that two of the three points would show as petals and the third wrapped around the rose.

I didn't happen to have floral tape available, so I used what I could reach to tie all the stems together. With the help of another pair of pinching fingers holding the stems in place, I tied a knot as close to the top of the stems as I could. I used a hair elastic (solely because that was the closest thing in reach), but string would work even better. After this photo was taken, I decided to braid the leaves' stems to create a single rose stem instead of attaching a small twig or wrapping the stems as shown in the pictures.

This was a fun and quick little project. Because they're easy to make, I could see a bunch of them on a table for Thanksgiving, or a single one pinned to a jacket as a corsage. And with Halloween coming up, I could even see them tucked into loosely curled hair as a great addition to a woodland fairy or Mother Nature costume, couldn't you? What a pretty way to decorate for fall.

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