Monday, October 27, 2014

Put a Patch on it

It was a forehead slapping moment. Of course I should patch it up.

Maybe it's a hold-over from "class dress" and not needing more than one pair for so many years, but I nave never owned more than one pair of jeans at a time. So when my only pair ripped last year, I was disappointed. I knew I had worn them enough to have gotten my money's worth, but I despise shopping for jeans and I didn't want to spend time finding a new pair. Shopping for something specific is never fun, but slithering in and out of denim only to be disappointed with the fit, the versatility of the cut, or the price on pair after pair is so depressing. I dislike the process so much that for a full year now I've just gone without any jeans in my closet at all. Happily, I've been fine making due with skirts and dresses, and have barely noticed a hole in my wardrobe at all.

However, on a recent weekend at a friend's country house, jeans would have been very helpful. I wore what I considered to be functional for a walk in the woods: thick tights, a sweater dress, down vest, and L.L.Bean boots. We mainly stuck to a well-manicured path, so I had no trouble at all, but I did get quite teased. I guess I've become so used to wearing skirts and dresses that it didn't bother me to wear them on a walk, even if it was in the woods. But I do see how jeans would also have been an easy choice, so I decided it might be time to reintroduce them to my closet.

When I mentioned the jeans-buying dilemma to my grandmother, I must have been hoping for a little sympathy about the jeans-shopping plight I was dreading because her response surprised me. Instead of the expected encouragement, my grandmother did one better and suggested a solution... "Put a patch on them," she said.

Of course! A Patch! How silly of me to not have thought of that. I had seen the denim patches in my mother's sewing basket as a child, but had it not been for my childish whining and my grandmother's simple answer, I would have wasted time and money when a very simple solution existed. I should have known someone from her generation would think of that -- our generation has become a little of the "disposable" mindset, but her's would never have wasted things. Not when “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without" was a common phrase during her childhood.

I saved the jeans in my fabric stash, so patching them is still an option. I picked up a patch at our local drugstore, and now have a project to work on tonight. It's iron on, but I might sew it for extra hold.

It's funny how simple solutions can elude one sometimes. Thank Goodness for my grandmother's clear mind.

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