Monday, October 6, 2014

Shoe Openings

My brother taught me a funny little shoe tip that I think men learn years before women do...

Either pushing toes up or down,
the fit is clearly different in these shoes.
Men often wear more pairs of loafers than women do, so maybe they just pick up on this earlier along the way, but I'm glad he taught me to be wary of shoes that open wide as one walks.

Long enough ago to be prior to boarding school, a man at a shoe store taught him to avoid loafers that opened to the sides around the arch of the foot as he walked because this was the sign of a poorly made pair of shoes.

Years later, I'll have to disagree slightly -- I have found that sometimes it's actually just that the size is too big, as was the case with these orange shoes. But either way, it's funny that as aware of my footwear as I am, I never really noticed the opening on my own. Ever since he told me, I've been really aware of the way shoes move before I purchase them, and the few times I've tried to ignore his advice, I've found the shoes to end up being ill-fitting -- even if they seemed okay at the store.

Oddly enough, I haven't noticed the opening nearly as often with more feminine styles, but for some reason menswear styles like driving shoes and loafers seem to be the worst culprits. Since many women only have a single pair of loafers, while guys often have a few, this is a tip men may learn earlier in life as possible offending pairs are purchased more often.

No matter who's collection they belong to, it's a simple tip to note when purchasing shoes. It may or may not denote a cheap shoe, but it certainly does make for a better fit down the road if the shoe stays put and doesn't open up.

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