Friday, November 14, 2014

High / Low: Bedspreads

Picture from West Elm
For the city folk with tiny homes and no washing machines, go low end.

As we learned the hard way in our apartment, if you send your laundry out for cleaning, here is no way many of your items will last as long as you'd like. Don't get me wrong -- I certainly am happy to send it out when that choice is the best of those available, but one of the major drawbacks of not having one's own machine is that the heavy duty washers are quite harsh on what they wash.

Bedding should be something to invest in because it will last a long time, but our lovely quilt required much more care than we could provide, and has literally shredded in just under five years. It's terribly sad, especially considering it was a wedding gift. At least the silver lining is that we learned this lesson on a quilt that was not irreplaceable -- it came from West Elm. Had it been handmade, it would have been far more upsetting.

As the quilt started to show some wear, I began to teach myself more about quilt care, and what I learned is that it really comes down to being very, very gentle. Unfortunately, there is an unbelievable amount of dust and soot in New York, so bedding must be washed more frequently than may be required in the country.

Although I greatly prefer the smooth look of a quilt to the fluffy look of a comforter, we've realized that a comforter with a removable duvet cover is the best option for us at this point. Not only is the removable duvet lighter and easier to wash, but it's not as expensive as a quilt or a regular comforter, so if it does end up falling apart, it won't be as bad to replace it.

We picked one from West Elm. What do you think? It's a good thing we both like stripes, or we may never have found one to agree on!

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