Monday, November 17, 2014

Product Worth the Price: Uniqlo's Heattech

Uniqlo Heattech Slip & Shorts
We had quite the drop in temperature over the weekend -- all of a sudden winter arrived with full force! Unlike many places outside of the city, Manhattan only saw a couple minutes of flurries followed by rain and gloomy skies, but we certainly felt the drop in temperature.

The funny thing about that first really cold day each year is that I always forget how to dress warmly, and Saturday was no exception. Somehow it hit me really hard again this time -- as though I had never experienced the cold before -- so, I went home and pulled out my warmest hats and scarves. But more importantly, I pulled out my collection of Uniqlo Heattech items, and placed them within easy reach.

As someone who often is cold enough to turn on her space heater when co-workers are warm enough to open a window, I believe my body temperature likely runs on the cold side. In the winter, I enjoy taking hot showers and baths in part because it is the only time my toes fully thaw out. Add in that during nearly any time of year my hands are always, always cold, and I feel I am pretty qualified to evaluate the warming power of any item. There are so many I take full advantage of all winter long, but even so, Uniqlo's Heattech stands out from the crowd. To anyone who says she hates the winter's cold, my first response is always "Uniqlo Heattech! You've got to try it." In fact, I shout it from the rooftops so often that I was shocked when I realized I had only barely mentioned it here -- I certainly feel as though I'm driving friends mad with how often I rave about it.

There are a lot of clothing options that increase warmth, and I bet they all work pretty well, but the reasons I really like Uniqo's versions are because of the prices and the way they are incredibly resistant to holding in smells. According to the materials listed, they are made from just a blend of polyester and acrylic, but the combination works very well to take just a tiny bit of heat created by one's body and keep it in for warmth. I never really feel much of a benefit while sitting still, but the moment I start to move I can feel it working, and the more I move, the warmer it gets. There have been times when I've been wearing a Heattech item on only half of my body, and I could actually feel the difference in heat from the bottom to the top.

Besides working well, Heattech does a surprisingly good job of not holding in smells. With a layer of clothing holding in heat and not letting that slight perspiration escape, one might think that clothing would get a little unpleasant, but somehow it does not. It also does not hold in the smell of smoke from a smokey bar, the smell of spices from an Indian restaurant, overwhelming perfume, or anything else a regular piece of clothing does.

Uniqlo Heattech Shorts with Waist Warmer
For a few winters now, I have not left the house between October and April without at least one Heattech item on. Each year I add to my collection, which now consists of multiple pairs of tights, gloves, camisoles, turtlenecks, knit shorts, a slip and even a dress. I have found that the Heattech items work best when worn against the skin, so the camisoles are my favorite go-to items, but for extra cold days, I sometimes layer them under my turtlenecks. Out of all of my collection, the two pieces I got last year are my absolute favorites. Last
year, I wore dresses and skirts for a good deal of the winter, and I know this was only possible because of my favorite secret weapon: a Heattech slip and a pair of Heattech shorts. Sadly, neither style is available this year, but the shorts have a new version available with a "waist warmer," which certainly sounds promising.

Honestly, I have yet to be disappointed in any of the items I've purchased -- they have all done a great job at keeping me warm at a great affordable price, so I'm already planning a stop by Uniqlo to pick up a few more options.

And with all this talk of Heattech, I think I'm beginning to remember how I dressed warmly last year after all... Just in time for the chilly days ahead.

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