Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Wreath Tip for Apartments

Apartment Door Christmas Wreath
I love the smell of Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees, don't you? My favorite part of hanging a wreath on our apartment door each year is getting a whiff of the evergreens every time I enter and exit. I think it makes me take a deep breath and smile each time.

My least favorite part of hanging a Christmas wreath on our apartment door each year is sweeping up the needles as they inevitably sprinkle to the ground with each entrance and exit. Last year I bought this wreath in hopes of it lasting longer, but alas, although the wreath was beautiful and quite full, the piles of needles on the floor were no fewer than usual.

This year I was quite pleased to find a $7 wreath at Trader Joe's, and couldn't wait to hang it on our door. As expected, the needles began dropping immediately, but this year I was ready with a tip I learned last weekend from a woman at a gardening center... Just soak it.

It makes so much sense -- we add water to the base holding Christmas trees, so why wouldn't we also water our wreaths?

As the woman at the gardening center explained to me, wreaths hung on outside doors need no watering -- thanks to the cold air, they will last "forever," as she put it. But wreaths hung inside dry out far more quickly from the heat. Having grown up with wreaths only on the outside of our house, I never knew this tip for apartment dwellers who often hang their wreaths in hallways pumped full of heat.

Soaking the Christmas Wreath

I was instructed to soak the wreath in a sink or bathtub for fifteen minutes every three days or so. I've soaked it twice now, and I have found that if the bow or other decorations on the wreath are attached using a tree ornament hook (or an open paper clip) it's easy to take them off if one doesn't want them to get wet. I have also found that a paper towel under the wet wreath is a good idea to absorb the excess water that drips off.

I hope this trick works and keeps that great evergreen scent strong... So far, it seems to be working. Long live the wonderful Christmas wreath fragrance!


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